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Research Interests

  • Infectious disease epidemiology
  • Teaching infectious disease epidemiology
  • Infectious disease outbreak management

Journal Publications

  1. Burckhardt F., Kissling E. "Training for Foodborne Outbreak Investigations by Using Structured Learning Experience", Emerg Infect Dis. 2020 Jan;26(1):162-164
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Books and Book Chapters

  1. Burckhardt F. Chapter „Non-EHEC E.coli Surveillance“, Robert Koch Institute "Infektionsepidemiologisches Jahrbuch 2007"[language: German]
  2. Burckhardt F., Kissling E. „The Disease Detectives, Outbreak Epidemiology for the Rest of Us", a free comic, 2007 October, Homepage, [languages: English, German, Chinese, Norwegian, French, Russian, Portuguese, ...]
  3. Burckhardt F. Chapter „Serosurveillance“, in Wildner M and Schlipköter U (eds.) "Handbuch Infektionsepidemiologie", Huber Press, Bern, CH, 

Conference Talks and Lectures

  1. Burckhardt F. Zombie Apocalypse vs. International Health Regulations CCCamp 2019, Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, August 2019, manuscript,videos
  2. Panel discussion: Artificial intelligence (AI) in epidemiology: a reality in 2018? ESCAIDE 2018, Malta 2018
  3. .
  4. lots of stuff missing from ESCAIDE talks 2009-2018
  5. .
  6. Burckhardt F. "Ausbruchsmanagement als Kooperationsaufgabe von Schule, Veterinäramt und GA", Veranstaltung "Hygienemanagement in Schulküchen" der Akademie für öffentliches Gesundheitswesen, Wiesbaden, März 2009, manuscript
  7. Burckhardt F. "Survey on the Vaccination Status of Midwives and on their Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour regarding Vaccination, Germany 2007", ESCAIDE, Berlin, November 2008, manuscript
  8. Burckhardt F. "Modellieren von Infektionskrankheiten in Virtuellen Realitäten am Beispiel von 'World of Warcraft'  ", 3. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie DGEpi, Bielefeld, September 2008 manuscript
  9. Burckhardt F. Espelage W., "Die Krankheitsdetektive: Ausbruchsuntersuchungen" (in German), Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin, Juni 2008, manuscript
  10. Burckhardt F. Modelling Infectious Diseases in Virtual Realities, The "Corrupted Blood" plague of World of Warcraft from an epidemiological perspective, 24C3, Berlin, December 2007, manuscript,videos
  11. Burckhardt F. Modelle in der Infektionsepidemiologie, Vorlesung im MPH Kurs „Öffentliche Gesundheit und Epidemiologie“ der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Januar 2007 (manuscript)
  12. Burckhardt F. Open Source and Pandemic Influenza , 22C3 Conference, Berlin, December 2005 (manuscript)
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  15. Burckhardt F. SEXual Salvation -- How carbon-based lifeforms adapt to evolutionary pressure from infections and what computers can learn from them., 21C3, Berlin, December 2004, (manuscript)
  16. Burckhardt F. Biological Weapons: treaties, bug overview, civilian preparation , 20C3, Berlin, December 2003 (manuscript)

Conference Posters

  1. Burckhardt F.,  Meyer, HG; Mathies, G; Walter, N; Kevekordes, S "Untersuchung eines Ausbruchs der Neuen Influenza in Ludwigshafen/Rhein im Juli 2009", 61. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der - Bundesverbände der Ärzte und Zahnärzte - des Öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienstes poster here
  2. Cardinale M., Burckhardt F. "Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of German Students aged 11-17y regarding Measles Vaccination", DGHM 2009 poster here
  3. Burckhardt F., Gervelmeyer A., Rabsch W., Hiller P., Prager R., Klieber B., Frank C. "Nationwide Outbreak of Salmonella Panama in Children due to Minisalami Sticks, Germany, Summer 2007", IMED, 2009, Vienna, Austria, poster here
  4. Burckhardt F., Siedler A. "Continuity despite change: The German Pneumococcal Surveillance", DGEpi, Bielefeld, 2008, poster here
  5. Burckhardt F., Kissling E. The Disease Detectives, European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology ESCAIDE, Stockholm, October 2007, poster here
  6. Burckhardt F., Reinert R, Seegmüller I, van der Linden M, Siedler A. Serotype replacement in invasive pneumococcal disease following vaccination: fact or fiction? European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology ESCAIDE, Stockholm, October 2007 poster here
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  10. Burckhardt F., Wichmann HE, Wienker TF, GEM Group Germany: Structuring genetic information for seamless data exchange. NGFN Symposium: Patient-based studies in the NGFN, Munich, April 2003
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  12. Burckhardt F., P. Belcredi, H.E. Wichmann. Integrated Data Management in Genetic Epidemiological Studies, NGFN Meeting, Genomics of chronic inflammatory disorders, Kiel, July 2002


Technical Reports

  1. Burckhardt F. "Die Krankheitsdetektive" (in German), an outbreak-game for children, lecture here
  2. Burckhardt F., P. Schindler, M. Kohlhuber, C. Höller, H. Beck, H. Weber, Klimaveränderung in Bayern - Gesundheitliche Folgen und Perspektiven
  3. Burckhardt F., Wienker T. Datenstrukturen für die Kommunikation genetisch epidemiologischer Projekte im Nationalen Genomforschungsnetz
  4. Burckhardt F. Effective methods for recruitment in genetic studies. NGFN Symposium: Patient-based studies in the NGFN, Munich, April 2003
  5. Burckhardt F.Ökotoxikologie: der Elodea Biotest, Munich 1994, (manuscript)



  1. Burckhardt F. "Auswertung der Abundanzen ausgewählter Planktongruppen in parallel angesetzten Mikrokosmen mittels theoretischer Methoden", Munich 1997, MSc Biology, (manuscript)
  2. Burckhardt F. "Estimation of Reinfection Intervals for Chlamydia trachomatis based on Routine Healthcare Data", Edinburgh 2000, MSc Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, (manuscript)



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